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- Pam Rathbone, WHCNP -

Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner at

Bloom Functional Medicine, in Gladstone, Oregon

Vampire Procedures

Pam Rathbone, WHCNP at Aura Health Lake Oswego Oregon

Pam Rathbone, WHCNP

Appointment Hours:
Monday - Thursday | 8:00am - 4pm
Friday | Virtual Appointments ONLY

As is a "Certified" provider for Vampire Procedures; Pam offers a full scope of facial rejuvenation and treatments with NO Chemicals or Artificial Fillers. Platelet Rich Plasma activates stem cells, Micro-needling stimulates collagen production = new younger tissue generated.

  • Is your skin color gray?

  • Do you have "sun spots" or acne scars?

  • Do you have fine lines around your mouth, eyes or forehead?

  • Do you look TIRED, WORN OR DROOPY?

Vampire Breast Lift

Do You Show Signs of Aging Breasts?

  • Skin color changed because of less blood flow

  • Shape has become collapsed &/or DROOPY

  • Crinkling, crate-paper skin around your cleavage

*Insurance cannot be billed for these procedures.

Pam Rathbone, WHCNP
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