- Katyna Tran, ND, MPH -

Licensed Naturopathic Physician at

Aura Integrative Health, in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Katyna Tran, ND, MPH

Specializes in:​

  • Women's Health (Routine, PMS, Menopause, etc.)

  • Digestive Issues and Gut Health​

  • Weight loss & Weight Management​

  • Hormone Dysfunction (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones)​

  • Chronic Fatigue ​

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Issues​

  • Sexual Dysfunction for Men & Women​

  • Men's Health & Hormone Therapy​

  • Chronic Illness (diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS, etc)​

  • Acute Illness (colds, flus, injury)​

  • Adjunctive Pre-Natal Care & Infertility